Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, NETELLER & Income Access joins Helbiz as an advisor.

Helbiz is pleased to announce that Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, NETELLER & Income Access, some of the leading online payment processing solutions, is joining Helbiz as an advisor.

Lorenzo Pellegrino brings over two decades of experience in the payment sector as CEO of Skrill, NETELLER & Income Access.

Pellegrino will play a key role in constructing the payment processing and second layer payment protocols of Helbiz, building the bridge between traditional blockchain application, cryptocurrency and mainstream payment processing, an essential part of Helbiz road to mainstream success.

“Mr. Pellegrino is an excellent addition to the team and a key component for the successful execution of the Helbiz vision. In order for Helbiz to become trusted and reliable part of our daily lives, it is crucial that we optimize and automate the entire process from booking to driving to payment, with no room for errors nor slow speed, Pellegrino as one of the leading executives and visionaries within the payment sector will allow us to do just that. His industry insight and expertise will allow us to redesign and merge classic FIAT currency payments and processes with blockchain, utilizing the advantages of both, as well as building new payment protocols on the Ethereum blockchain, an essential part of enabling users to book, pay and drive within seconds”
⁃ Salvatore Palella, Founder Helbiz

Lorenzo Pellegrino’s expertise will be essential to adapt to the challenges of a complex global peer-to-peer rental operation, without manual involvement or intermediaries, while providing users with a simple and reliable experience every single time.

“Helbiz is redefining the car rental market by cleverly utilizing the strengths of blockchain whilst relying on certain off-chain operations to successfully build the needed bridge between the two to maximize usability and mainstream appeal. A core component of making Helbiz a household name is properly building a sophisticated payment system, through new second layer payment and conversion protocols on the Ethereum blockchain, that allows for seamless decentralized P2P payments, and blockchain HBZ token escrow. The same Helbiz protocols will create the necessary foundation for cryptocurrencies, and the Helbiz Token in particular, to successfully become an universally accepted seamless payment method in the transportation sector.”
- Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO Skrill, NETELLER & Income Access.
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