The Helbiz team had ICO in 2018.
Helbiz coin holders lost their money.
Now Helbiz is going to IPO on NASDAQ.
Helbiz coin holders filed a class-action case against Helbiz Inc., Salvatore Palella and others.
Case filed in New York Southern District Court on June 19, 2020
The Helbiz coin is a security - court desicion: on January 22, 2021

Open letter to Helbiz Inc. lawyer

In our opinion, the Helbiz coin community has to know about this. It's our answer for the four claim letter to Helbiz lawyer.

"Dear, ..... Unfortunately, you answer our letters not reasonedly and repeat from time to time that we have the untrue and defamatory statements. To your regret, this is not so:

1. Please note:
1.1 Article in Forbes Italy, on the second page, is information about almost 40 million euros collected at the ICO:
1.2 Article in Millionaire Magazin, mentioning Helbiz, Helbiz Pay, Helbiz coin (HBZ), links to
1.3 Forbes Italy Director - Marco Barlassina - asked Salvatore Palella a question about an ICO, and Salvatore Palella answers a question without denying an ICO
1.4 Look at the information on Etherscan, it shows how much money was collected from ICO:
1.5 Robert, just google the Salvatore Palella interview

1.6 As you understand, under penalty of perjury, employees of Forbes, Millionaire Magazin, and others will confirm that this information was provided to them by the Helbiz team

2. You continuously claim that the site has articles about Helbiz Inc., but this is not true. On the website, Helbiz Inc. mentioned only with facts, for example, with your complaint on YouTube.

2.1 The use of the legal entity Helbiz Inc. does not deny the connection between the Helbiz team and the Helbiz project with the ICO and Helbiz coin.

2.2. Since you are sending requests from Helbiz Inc. to remove information about Helbiz ICO and Helbiz coin, we assume that this once again confirms the interconnection of companies, the project, and the team.

2.3 Pay attention to the following fact: that the Helbiz team on behalf of the Italian company Helbiz, in the autumn of 2018, sent a request for the delisting of Helbiz coin to one of the crypto exchanges. The projects hadn't been separated, Helbiz coin was still Helbiz coin, not HBZ, and the company in Singapore hadn't been renamed and closed. We assume once again that this once again emphasizes the interconnectedness of companies, the project, and the team.

3. As we understand, such as you send requests from Helbiz Inc., with the requirement to delete information about the ICO of the project, and about the team, are you a representative of the Helbiz project and the Helbiz team?

3.1 Pay attention to the fact that previous law firms and lawyers, for some reason, abandoned this role.

3.2 If this is not the case, and you do not represent the interests of the Helbiz project and the Helbiz team, please inform us in a reply letter.

4. We inform you that over the past week, we have received new information about the Helbiz project and the Helbiz team:

4.1 We had a dialogue with one of the first Helbiz advisers. Now we do not want to give his name, but the Helbiz team understands who it is. He was directly involved in the story of the ICO with Helbiz coin. Until now, we thought that so far, he could have helped the Helbiz team to avoid their responsibility for the Helbiz coin (HBZ).

4.1.1 He was notified that if we initiate a legal procedure for the Helbiz team or any other legal proceedings, he will be involved as a witness.

4.1.2 His position is that: he doesn't have anything to do with Helbiz he doesn't have any interaction with Helbiz team since the beginning of last year. his suggestion would be to get in touch with them (apparently he doesn't know that the Helbiz team doesn't communicate with the community, and only threatens) he guesses we are in the same unpleasant situation

4.1.3 As you understand, under penalty of perjury, he will confirm the truth of attracting funds through the ICO and token sale to the Helbiz project, as well as the involvement of the Helbiz team in this.
4.1.4. From this information, it's concluded that the Helbiz team acted dishonestly not only with Helbiz coin (HBZ) holders but also with their first partners.

4.2. We also had a dialogue with several major Helbiz coin (HBZ) holders that were not previously in the community, including early Helbiz coin buyers

4.2.1 They had a direct communication with the Helbiz team for a long time. From May 2019 to July 2019, the Helbiz team still showed that they were interested in the development of Helbiz coin (HBZ). Later it turned out that the Helbiz team was just taking the time. As a result, the Hebiz team stopped communication with these holders.

4.2.2 The largest token holder offered the Helbiz team free support to Helbiz coin and assistance of the Helbiz coin growth, but the team did not respond to this offer.

4.2.3 As far as we know at the moment, Salvatore Palella and the Helbiz team do not get in touch with those who previously supported their project.

4.2.4 As you understand, under penalty of perjury, these people will confirm the truth of attracting funds through the ICO and token sale to the Helbiz project, as well as the involvement of the Helbiz team in this. From this information, it's concluded that the Helbiz team acted dishonestly not only with Helbiz coin (HBZ) holders but also with its first partners and early supporters.

4.3. We had a dialogue with employees of several cryptocurrency exchanges, on which Helbiz coin (HBZ) was listed

4.3.4 In May 2018, some of them received a veiled or non-veiled offer from the Helbiz team of Helbiz Coin (HBZ) price manipulation .

4.3.5 The result of this proposal was the Helbiz coin pump from $ 0.01 to $ 0.03 on the EXMO exchange, and subsequently on other exchanges.

4.3.6 In the autumn of 2018, a representative of the Helbiz team, on behalf of the Italian company Helbiz, sent a request for delisting of Helbiz coin to one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. At that time, the projects were not separated, the company in Singapore was not renamed, and Helbiz coin was also called Helbiz coin, not HBZ coin.

4.3.7 In August 2019, the EXMO crypto exchange delisted the Helbiz coin (HBZ)

4.3.8 In August 2019, the Helbiz team sent a delisting request to other crypto exchanges. But since they did not provide legal grounds and documents for this, delisting was not carried out.

4.3.7 As you understand, under penalty of perjury, these employees will confirm their words and information above, they also have an evidence base of communication with the Helbiz team. From this information, it's concluded that at the end of 2018, the Helbiz team was thinking about delisting Helbiz coin. In August 2019, the Helbiz team wanted to delist and close the Helbiz coin project, but at the same time: The Helbiz Team did not notify Helbiz Coin (HBZ) holders The Helbiz team did not announce the swap, i.e., maybe they weren't going to do the swap

5. Please note that this year the court, by the request of the SEC, banned the distribution of GRAM cryptocurrencies worldwide, regardless of whether U.S. citizens or citizens of other countries invested in it. The Telegram team created the GRAM cryptocurrency. The main reason GRAM was classed as a security paper, that's because GRAM investors expected a profit.

5.1 Please note that Helbiz coin (HBZ) holders bought it with the expectation of profit

5.2 Salvatore Palella himself fueled interest in buying Helbiz coin (HBZ) on Twitter, posted tweets, arguing that the price should rise to $ 1 and even $ 10:

5.3 Twitter, at the request of legal authorities, will confirm the veracity and availability of these posts on the Salvatore Palella account

5.4 All we are interested in is the providing by the Helbiz project and the Helbiz team their responsibility to Helbiz coin and the coverage of our losses. But the behavior of the Helbiz team does not look honest.

5.5. Compare how the Telegram team behaves. They do not claim that they have a different legal entity, and their investors are spreading lies about them.

5.6. In the above-described situation, we give an example to clarify:
5.6.1 SEC has increased interest in cryptocurrency projects
5.6.2 Different legal entities do not remove responsibility from the team or the project
5.6.3 The SEC has influence regardless of the geographical location of the company, the team, and cryptocurrency investors. SEC can, by a court decision, prohibit the distribution of cryptocurrency around the world, and even a large company such as Telegram follows SEC decisions.

6. We used to think that all of Helbiz's early partners at the moment could help them to avoid their responsibility to Helbiz coin, but now we've got that these partners were also misled. And we got a serious willingness to testify from these partners.

We inform you of our intention:

6.1. Contact all Helbiz partners starting from January 2018

6.2 To get their opinion on:
6.2.1 Do they think that everything that happens is an honest situation
6.2.2. Do they think, that Helbiz team has misled them or not
6.2.3 Are they ready to testify that the attraction of funds through the ICO and token sale was in the Helbiz project, as well as the involvement of the Helbiz team in this.
6.2.4 What are their losses from interaction with Helbiz and Helbiz coin

6.3 With all the evidence base, we create a list of non-anonymous Helbiz coin holders, among which are citizens of the CIS, Europe, and the USA, and initiate the process of charging the compensation from the Helbiz team and the Helbiz project for losses to Helbiz coin holders.

Inquiries to legal authorities include, inter alia, requests in territories where there are Helbiz coin holders and where operations were carried out to purchase Helbiz coin on cryptocurrency exchanges operating in these countries. Also, claims to the regulatory authorities of countries where the Helbiz team plans to make an IPO for the Helbiz project:

6.3.1 To the Securities Commission: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
6.3.2 European Regulator: The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
6.3.3 Singapore Regulator: Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
6.3.4 British Regulator: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
6.3.4 Italian regulator: The Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB)
6.3.5 Russia: Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Finance
6.3.6 Ukraine: Ministry of Digital Transformation, Ministry of Finance

6.4. Since this case is unprecedented, with the beginning of the process, we will make it to the public and involve the media and journalists to this story to actively cover the situation.

6.4.1 You claim that some people actively harm Helbiz by their actions, but the fact that some of the Helbiz coin holders send links to the site on Twitter, only says that this is the only way they can attract attention to this problem. Different people act based on their capabilities.

7. Referring to the Helbiz project and the Helbiz team, we also refer to you as their official lawyer.

8. We sincerely hope that the Helbiz team will complete its promises and provide the conditions for exchanging Helbiz coin (HBZ) for ETH soon.

8.1 We sincerely hope that Helbiz will act in good faith and return funds in fair terms to Helbiz coin holders.

8.2 We sincerely hope that you understand whose interests you represent. If you consider that we cannot refer to you in documents and requests, please notify us with a reply letter that you no longer represent the interests of the Helbiz project and the Helbiz team"