Helbiz had ICO in 2018.
Helbiz coin holders lost their money.
Now Helbiz listed on NASDAQ.
Helbiz coin investors filed a class-action case against Helbiz on June 19, 2020.

The Helbiz coin is a security - court desicion: on January 22, 2021

Helbiz may face a Federal Securities Fraud case

Paolo Scocco, Chief Operation Officer Helbiz Kitchen - involvement in Helbiz fraud

Paolo Scocco is the old friend of Salvatore Palella. Before joining Helbiz, Paolo worked in Cipriani and helped Palella to host the first ICO meet-up in New York, January 2018, in Cipriani Wall Street.

At that time, Salvatore Palella represented Helbiz Inc because the Singaporian company wasn't registered. At this meetup, the Helbiz team promoted Helbiz ICO and Helbiz coin and took some photos that were deleted from social networks later, but we saved them.

During the ICO and Helbiz coin selling to the open market, Paolo was always around Helbiz and Salvatore Palella. For example, when Helbiz created the promotional video with Alessandro Del Piero, Paolo also was there with the team.

He was happy to join Helbiz on yacht trips, parties during the Helbiz team has been selling Helbiz coins to its investors.

In March 2020, when Helbiz had scammed ICO investors already and announced Helbiz IPO on NASDAQ, Paolo joined Helbiz as a Head of Franchising. Six months later, in November 2020, Paolo stepped up as the Head Of New Business Development and he held it until July 2021.

As you know, at that time Helbiz coin holders and hbznews site were under attack from Helbiz lawyers, and Helbiz coin holders suited Helbiz in New York Southern District Court.

As we were notified, at that time Paolo represented Helbiz in different media and proposes them money to deleted information about ICO and any negatives comments about Helbiz.

Probably, as an old friend of Salvatore Palella, and the person that was really involved in Helbiz ICO, Paolo played the Helbiz consigliere role, to hide any pieces of evidence about Helbiz ICO and Helbiz financing background.

Now Paolo is a Chief Operation Officer in Helbiz Kitchen.

What does it mean and how Paolo involved in this:

Helbiz deceived all Helbiz coin holders, had cut off all conection with ICO. Helbiz build the project for money from tokensale and going to IPO. The Helbiz coin holders lost their money and suited Helbiz.

Paolo is the person that was involved in this story from the beginning and helps Helbiz to do an IPO. It looks like:

- Paolo Scocco has close ties with Salvatore Palella and Helbiz team
- Probably, Paolo Scacco contact medias and pay them money to hide truth about Helbiz
- Paolo is a dishonest person that is ready to work with his scammers friends to embezzling investors money

So, make you conclusions!