The Helbiz team had ICO in 2018.
Helbiz coin holders lost their money.
Now Helbiz is going to IPO on NASDAQ.
Helbiz coin holders filed a class-action case against Helbiz Inc., Salvatore Palella and others.
Case filed in New York Southern District Court on June 19, 2020
The Helbiz coin is a security - court desicion: on January 22, 2021

Riccardo Silva from Miami FC - involvement in Helbiz fraud

Riccardo Silva is the person related to Silva International Investments involvement.

Riccardo Silva is the owner of Silva International Investments and Miami FC. He has investments in a range of companies across media, sports, entertainment, art, and real estate. He was born in 1970 in Milan, that's why he has a close friendship with Salvatore Pallela, the founder and CEO of Helbiz. He met Palella in 2017, after ICO in 2018, and after Helbiz coin holders suited Helbiz in 2020.

What does it mean and how Riccardo Silva involved in this:

Helbiz deceived all Helbiz coin holders, had cut off all conection with ICO. Helbiz build the project for money from tokensale and going to IPO. The Helbiz coin holders lost their money and suited Helbiz.

Nevertheless, Riccardo Silva made the deal with Helbiz, that helps Helbiz to do an IPO. It looks like:

1. Riccardo Silva did the weak due diligence of Helbiz and doesn't know the background of Helbiz capital

2. Or Riccardo Silva knows everything, and don't care about this ICO and Helbiz coin story, and going to IPO with Helbiz to raise investors money.

Anyway, it looks strange.

So, make you conclusions!