Helbiz had ICO in 2018.
Helbiz coin holders lost their money.
Now Helbiz listed on NASDAQ.
Helbiz coin investors filed a class-action case against Helbiz on June 19, 2020.

The Helbiz coin is a security - court desicion: on January 22, 2021

Helbiz may face a Federal Securities Fraud case

SCANDAL! The president of Ita Airways takes off with a conflict of interest in partnership with Helbiz

This is translated article of Italian mass-media Domani.

- Twenty days after the first flight, the airline announces a partnership on catering with Helbiz, the scooter company.

- The press releases spoke of a corporate catering service for Ita employees and the opening of a Helbiz Kitchen office at Fiumicino airport in Rome, the busiest in Italy.

- Emanuelle Liatti, Helbiz product manager, is the son of Alfredo Altavilla's partner. They two have a consulting firm together, in which Liatti is president and legal representative, and Altavilla owns 90 percent. The internal audit started.

On 15 October took off the first flight of Ita Airways. It is the new government Italian flag carrier under the leadership of Alfredo Altavilla and Sergio Marchionne in Fiat. One of his first moves is an agreement with the scooter company Helbiz, where Emanuele Liatti is the product manager. At the same time, Emanuelle Liatti is the son of Alfredo's partner Maria Rita Brusa, and actually his partner in the consulting firm Amre.

On November 4, Ita made the first trip to New York and Helbiz announces a "multi-business partnership between Helbiz and Ita" with two press releases in English - for American investors, and in Italian.

Helbiz is a scooter rental company founded in 2015 and recently listed on Nasdaq. The partnership includes a co-marketing operation: «by purchasing Ita Airways air tickets it will be possible to book Helbiz vehicles». There are similar agreements with other companies such as Trenitalia. The partnership also provides that "the model of the innovative Helbiz Kitchen will be imported into the Ita Airways headquarters in Rome Fiumicino".

Helbiz, in fact, is expanding to catering: in January 2021 it created the Helbiz Kitchen Srl in Milan, controlled by the Irish company Helbiz Europe, dedicated to the preparation and home delivery of cipo that can be booked through the scooter app. As of August 2021, Helbiz Kitchen had 27 employees.

According to the press releases, the partnership with Ita provides for "the launch of a new corporate catering service for Ita employees at the company's headquarters at Fiumicino international airport". As Davide D’Amico the head of communication of Helbiz, former FCA, explained "Helbiz also wants to offer itself as a corporate catering model".

For such a young company as Helbiz, having almost 3 thousand Ita workers as potential customers and land in the first Italian airport is a great blow. The operation should be finalized "by the end of 2021".

Meanwhile, it was celebrated with a message dedicated to Ita Airways projected on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square and with the words of Altavilla: "We thank Helbiz for the wonderful welcome", "we look forward to working together through our series of partnerships that embrace different business areas ".


The 39-year-old Emanuele Liatti can be satisfied with this partnership, he has been the Chief Product Officer of Helbiz since March, i.e. the product manager. Before Helbiz, he held the role of Pininfarina's product marketing manager for the US market, but his professional career began with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), responsible for strategy and product planning for the Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands.

Liatti is also a partner, president, and legal representative of Amre Srl, a consulting and shareholding acquisition company. In this company, the CEO of Ita Airways, Alfredo Altavilla, is a partner and vice president. Amre is headquartered in Moncalieri, where Liatti was born and where Altavilla is domiciled. Amre has three owners: Altavilla with 90 percent, Liatti with 5 percent and another 5 percent, Maria Rita Brusa, a former employee of Fiat domiciled in Moncalieri, always at the same address in Altavilla.

In a note that Ita Airways sent to Domani, Amre is defined as a "family office", a family company. And in fact, three sources, who know the manager, confirm that Brusa is Altavilla's owner. Moreover, that Emanuelle Liatti is the son of Brusa. The name Amre is composed of the initials of Alfredo, Maria Rita, and Emanuele.

Summary: the president of Ita Airways, a 100% company of the Ministry of Economy, and vice president of Amre has entered into an agreement with Helbiz where the product manager is the president, partner, and legal representative of the family company Amre, of which Altavilla is the owner of.

In the note sent to Domani after requests for clarification, Ita minimizes the agreement: "Helbiz is negotiating with Ita the use of the technical rooms for the opening of its Roman office", but specifies that Liatti "has never taken part in the discussions with Ita Airways».

Furthermore, Ita gets its hands on claiming that "at the moment no contract has been signed", there is only "a usual co-marketing activity without economic exchange". However, listed companies such as Helbiz have obligations in their communications to the market and have communicated more.